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The four main factors in influencing your decision to Home school are likely to be:

1. The level of success (or trauma) your child is currently experiencing in his present educational program and placement and the openness and flexibility of the educational team currently working with your child.

2. Your child's current emotional state and the impact attending school is having upon his emotional well-being: Your child's health and well-being should always be your top priority! However, in making this determination you should keep in mind, homeschooling, in and of itself, will not cure your child's social/emotional issues. In fact, homeschooling could actually exacerbate your child's problems in these areas, if he is isolated from his peers and other adults for an indefinite period of time.

3. Your own circumstances (job(s), finances, other children and other family responsibilities): You should seriously consider the impact this decision will have upon other areas of your life. It may mean that one or both parents will need to quit working or take a leave from your current job(s). This could have an enormous bearing on your family's financial situation. Homeschooling requires tremendous time, effort and sacrifice on the part of both parents and other family members.

4. Your level of patience and your teaching skills: Homeschooling requires specific knowledge and skills (most public school teachers have spent a minimum of five years in college, acquiring their skills, as well as years of practical experience honing their craft). The decision to homeschool your child will require a bit of research, and it may require further education and training on your part.



Home schooling and Home Schools around the country are available to give you choices for your children. Children are our future, and it's up to us to arm them with the tools to succeed. Schools and School yards are becoming unsafe for both students and teachers.

Home schooling education gives you flexibility, and freedom to create your own schedule. Thanks in part to modern technology, Home schooling information is becoming readily available across the internet. In every subject at every grade level, students of Home Schooling scored significantly higher than public and private schools.

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